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Aug. 10th, 2007


(no subject)

Hi, I'm new in this community! I thought it would be great to post here some Bella fanart as my first contribution...

Aug. 9th, 2007



the death-eaters

Hello, everybody. So today, i just want to show you one art, one drawing, with of course Bellatriw & Rodolphus, but also Lucius & Narcissa... A "sexy" drawing i think.           Ciao
TITLE : The death-eaters know how to play               

Aug. 3rd, 2007




Hello everybody, it's my first post here and sorry for my bad englich (I'm french...)
I have made a wallpaper with Bella' & Rodolph' (Monica Bellucci & Vincent Cassel), and a photo-manip with just Bellatrix...   Tell me what you think (if you want, of course... ^_^)
They are so hot together                  Ciao

Jun. 13th, 2007


Fic: Tell Me How It Makes You Feel

Title: Tell Me How It Makes You Feel
Rating: NC-17 for sex and violence
Length: Approx. 2000 words
Summary: Bellatrix and Rodolphus pay a visit to a family of blood-traitors.
A/N: Written for alyxbradford for the hpde_smutathon exchange.

If you call me that again you'll end up with worse scratches than last time.

Apr. 1st, 2007

Bella & Rod


FIC: Together Again

Hi everybody! Just thought I might  post one of my stories - - Bella/Rodolphus owns all *nods* 

Title: Together Again
Pairing: Bella/Rodolphus
Rating: b/w PG & M i suppose :D
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Summary: Azkaban is a harsh place, no matter how strong your ideals are...

Hope you all enjoy! Thoughts much appreciated :D

Jan. 6th, 2007

Lost Girl - Valkubus


(no subject)

I thought I'd share this with you guys, and we still need a club icon and ID.


Dec. 22nd, 2006



characters: bellatrix lestrange , rodolphous lestrange
rating: pg
warnings: none

Promise of a Storm (under cut)
Read more...Collapse )

Dec. 17th, 2006

bonfire rose


FIC: No Greater Privilege

Title: No Greater Privilege
Characters: Bellatrix, Rodolphus, OC female, OC children
Word Count: 2940
Rating: PG13 at worst. Really PG, but I tack the 13 on for implied sexuality at the end.
Genre: Death Eater fluff. Because I love it. Belongs to my Vittoria AU.
Notes: Written for charming_goats! Who loves the little!Lestranges as much as I do.

( No Greater Privilege )

Dec. 6th, 2006


just something i was wondering

does anyone have a problem with who they have cast for bella??

i really don't...other than her crazy hair. it's just that i pictured bella as more of a mixture of cathrine zeta jones and angelina jolie....don't ask me why. and rodolphus has always been johnny depp......really....and now that i think of it,that's a bit strange but....oh well. ;0).

and also, has anyone else listened to love you more by eminem and thought of bella and rodolphus??
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it just makes me laugh hysterically whenever i hear it, because i can picture all of these conversations and fights between the two of them... ;0). this is really a rambling post, and i am really sorry, but i am hyped up on cold medicine, so i can't really think coherently.

Nov. 24th, 2006



FIC: Best Served Married (R)

Title: Best Served Married
Pairing: Rodolphus/Bellatrix, implied former Lucius/Bellatrix
Rating: Smut
Summary: “I've already told you: the only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment. I know none other as sure.” - for challenge 2 at bella_rodolphus
Warnings: Some very dubious consent
A.N.: Huge love to archon_mentha for being loving, supportive and helpful when I struggled with writing that most fearsome of all things: het smut.

When Rodolphus decides to marry it takes him approximately fifty seconds to decide on his bride.

Nov. 19th, 2006




Hellooes again,

Not sure if we're still going ahead with the challenge buut, those quotes were much fun and inspiring anyway! so I had a go and present the result ^.^;

anywho; if not for the challenge, its an artsie offering :)

Nov. 18th, 2006




Heloo there everyone! This is my newbie-intro-post, and I figured, what better whay to introduce myself than to post some of the stuff I've done of the Lovely Bella and Roddy, yes?
Okidoki, here we go then :)

The first three are pencil/photoshop sketches of (hopefully) funny. The last three are coloured artses of Bella, all are in no particular order. Enjoy ^_^



OotP stuff!

To avoid me having to post this multiple times, you can click the link below to go to the bella stuff and the teaser ootp trailer a friend showed me, feel free to link around, the entry will remain public and as is :)

Theres three pictures of Bella and the teaser trailer! :D

( OotP goodies this way )

Oct. 30th, 2006

bonfire rose


FIC: There Is Only

Title: There Is Only
Authoress: alyxbradford
Pairing: Bellatrix/Rodolphus
Word Count: 3621
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Written for fanfic100, prompt #070 - Storm. Follows in the same vein as The Girls That Are Wanted; the scene in question is, in fact, the Midsummer event that Rodolphus invites her to in that ficlet.
Big Damn Table

( There Is Only )


Challenge #2

Yeah, I've actually had this planned but I appear to have lost the file. D'oh. Anyways, heres the long awaited (maybe?) challenge. Have fun.

Below the cut there is a table with prompts, you are to write/draw/create/whatever it is you do something for this challenge. The medium is completely up to you, be it a fic, poem, drawing, graphic, manip, etcetera, etcetera.

I have NaNo WriMo next month, but I'll still be around a little bit. The due date is the 5th of December 2006, you may post your challenge entries from now up until then. You can submit for as many prompts as you like. Oh and if anyone can work out whom it is I'm quoting, kudos XD (or who it has to do with). Remember, these are just for inspiration, they don't have to say the quote, just be inspired.

Everybody cut footloose.Collapse )

Oct. 27th, 2006


(no subject)

hi, i am new here, and i would just like to say that i love bella. dark, beautiful, and powerful....she is a seductress at the highest level.... but anyway, here is a little poem that i wrote after reading a bella and rodolphus fic.

"They say, 'never fight fire with fire,' of course that never applied to us."

He watches silently from the shadows, unaware that i see him.
Now, I'm sure to put on a show....
Throw my head back, laughing a flirtatious laugh.
Trying to see how touchy-feely I can be.
The air changes, a mixture of jealousy & lust.
He's ready to pounce....
moving closer, out of the shadows.
Pushing away from the pathetic mess I was teasing, I come towards him.
He throws me against the wall, and I slap him.
Nither of us speak, desire driving away words.
Eyes locked, never once straying from each other,
bodies moving with years of practice.

We need a new hobby.

Sep. 1st, 2006



Careless whispers

I've been lurking around this community for a long while now, the newbie nerves stopping me from actually posting anything - but after the last Mod post i thought I'd bite the bullet and throw out some of my Rod and Bella collection!
Most of the Rodolphus and Bellatrix things i come up with are inspired by an RPG I'm apart of - so I hope they still make sense outside of that context; the rpg is also the reason all of my manips of the couple use Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom! Though I think Helena Bonham Carter will make a very fabulous Bellatrix in the next movie.  Cant wait to see some shots of her in costume!

So - hope you enjoy:

And a fic:
Title: Someday...
Pairing: implies future Rod/Bella; Mr and Mrs Black
Rating: G



(no subject)

here are some bella/rodolphus manips i made using henry barnacle and hilary rhoda



Mod post: wow... quiet.

Hi. Remember me? Yeah, the mod is talking, again.

The total statistics for this community are

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This community was opened in '05, so why all the quietness? I mean I got a reply to my June Tenth post two days ago. Guys, this is slightly... well disheartening at best, but moving on. Until now this community has been dormant for a month, and I havent had a chance to talk to laura_isaac recently, so I hope she doesn't mind but something needs to be done. We have a new userinfo, a new layout until a proper one gets made, everything has been archived.

Oh and vivier, a piece of art you posted a while back now has a dead link, either edit the post or delete it, please.

I understand people have been away, busy, working or whatever, but please try yo show you are alive guys.

The next mod post will be a challenge, so join in, yeah?

Aug. 2nd, 2006

got | emilia eyebrows


(no subject)

Free, a Bella/Rodolphus one-shot. I previously wrote one right before they're taken to Azkaban, but as I was feeling happier today, I wrote one after they've escaped.

Review me?

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